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  • Dan Burroughs

Tenderfoot Hill Update

The contractor finished most of the sidewalk this week. They have a few tie-ins to complete Monday morning at the bottom of the hill..

Monday morning on July 11th, the asphalt mill comes and mills the existing asphalt road between top of the hill at LaBonte and lower Gold Run Circle. Milling will take 3-6 hours and involves street sweeping over the milled areas. As the mill passes your driveway on your side of the may be stuck for about 20-30 minutes as the mill passes by your driveway.

Thanks for your patience. Asphalt is scheduled for later next week.

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Tenderfoot Update

The contractor completed most of the asphalt paving today, but the rain cut it short. Next week, the contractor will finish the asphalt work and complete the installation of topsoil and start cleaning


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